Redifining Digital Display Solutions In Transport

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We have huge amounts of experience in Delivery, Upgrade and Maintenance of Real Time Information Hardware and Service across the UK.


Keep your Cities, Towns and Villages informed and up to date about your local transport networks using our class leading Next Generation Digital Display Technology and the first National Data Model Display Managment CMS  (Genesis).


SIRI Subscriptions, Media Assignment, Traffic Cameras, General Messaging, Fault Managment, SIM Data, ANPR.  You can now mange it yourself from one Clever System.  Real Time has never looked better.

M2M TECH LTD re-defining the Realtime Information Sector with a product line up unrivalled in the industry.  STRATTOS, EVO, ECLIPSE and GENESIS.  Find out more by browsing the tabs and the drop downs at the top of this page.

Core Products For A New Generation

Innovating Design with Technology, Helping to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Towns and Cities.

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28 Shelter TFT

M2M TECH LTD has developed a class leading range of low energy products designed for the changing face of Real Time Information.  Our vision was to build a solid core of products that would deliver Real Time Passenger Information to the bus traveling community in an unrivalled fresh new way.  In addition to smartening up the street scene and better informing the community through our Clear View technology we also wanted to do our bit for the environment.  Our core products will all operate On Demand meaning that the screen can be off most of the time saving valuable energy and enhancing the product life protecting investments.  Operating via a push button in the same way as a lift or pelican crossing our on-demand operation combined with our Clear View technology delivers more information per display in the most efficient manner helping to reduce the carbon footprint.


Installation, Maintenance, Support and Repair

Experienced Engineers

Our Engineers and Subcontractors have all had years of experience working in the industry.  Whether it be on street installations or fault diagnosis on a 6-sheet bus station display M2M TECH has got it covered.

Class Leading Service Vehicles

M2M TECH LTD Operate class leading service vehicles meaning that our Engineers are well equipped to deal with any eventuality.  Running mains inverters on board M2M TECH diagnose and fix more faults in a single visit whilst fully complying with Chapter 8 regulations and Highway working practices.  Offering the most complete professional service and creating a safe on street working environment without compromise M2M TECH keeps on delivering the UK's No 1 Realtime Engineering Service.


Our Software Solutions

Our Software Development Team Is Constantly Pushing The Boundaries Of Real Time Technology


M2M TECH LTD has fully integrated the REACT Technology RFID and Bluetooth trigger boards into its compatible products offering enhanced accessability features in public transport.

Clearview Technology

M2M TECH LTD has developed Clearview to unlock the full potential of TFT display technology.  Help your public transport network thrive by better informing bus users with our enhanced lookahead technology.  Providing up to 1 hour ahead in a single glance.  Join the revolution and add M2M clearview to your display estate today.


Our Genesis software product has been developed to manage the entire digital display network.  Having considered the significant investment required to build a comprehensive display estate, we thought it was about time you had a software product that was designed to easily manage those assets rather than just a token set of basic tools.  Whether it be digital content or physical deployment, with Genesis you can manage your entire display network in Real Time.  Use Genesis to configure, message and maintain display products.  From new displays or ANPR to rich content, simply use Genesis to manage it all.  Combined with our SIRI Engine simply import your API key and let Genesis collect the data from third parties and send it to your display estate in Real Time.  No longer do you need endless back office support to manage your system.

Display Core 

M2M TECH LTD has developed a modular suite of software products based around a core operating environment that is specific to Real Time Information displays.  From energy saving features like "Peak Demand" to on street safety using "Safe Stop" M2M TECH is pushing this technology into the future with our advanced Display Software.

Software Development

If you have a Real Time software development project that you need to deliver, then get in touch and outsource it to M2M TECH LTD.  We can assess your requirements for a bespoke solution, but we also offer a wide range of software services from Embedded Operating System builds to software integration and debugging.  Having both hardware and software experience we can save unnecessary costs building up by correctly identifying the necessary logic at the start of the project.

For more information about our software products please navigate the software menu.


Product Design & Consultancy

"Proven Designs in Real TIme Information"

Design Team

M2M TECH LTD has a dedicated resource when it comes to design.  From software to hardware, using Computer Aided Design (CAD), We can quickly create custom fitting solutions for our products.  If you have an odd display fitting requirement M2M TECH can make it work for you.

Bespoke Brackets / Metal Work

We have previously been commissioned to create both wall and bus shelter brackets to fit shelter from leading manufacturers such as Clear Channel, Trueform and Queensbury.

By working closely with our clients to understand their full requirements, our design team can also help guide you through the various stages and manage projects of all sizes where there is a requirement to "think outside the box" to create the right solution.



What we have been up to.

Keep up to date with M2M TECH LTD via our Facebook page.  Keep an eye out for us in your local authority

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