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Solar Technology at Your Fingertips

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Eclipse uses a tried and tested 1000 nit TFT panel which has a wide operational temperature range that is required for the harsh UK winter.  Don’t be fooled by less capable and expensive "E-Ink technology" which simply will not operate in low and negative temperatures. “E-Ink” can freeze in sub-zero temperatures and leave historic and expired information displayed on screen, often leading to the requirement for an engineer to be deployed to resolve the fault.


Eclipse is specifically designed to operate in an on street urban environment with minimal impact to its surroundings all year round, while providing solid reliable output year after year.

With it’s anti-tamper push button activation, Eclipse will only start up when needed to, and when the user wants to view the information.  This enhanced energy saving measure means that Eclipse will continue to operate throughout the darkest UK winter due to its patented energy saving technology. 


UK's Number 1 Real Time Solar Display
Buy with confidence 3 year warranty!
Subscriptions starting from just £14.99 per month!

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Fast Performance

The most efficient display invented.  Zero power off state to predictions in seconds

UK Support

Designed and Manufactured in the UK

System Agnostic SIRI

Run in parallel with your existing service provider using standard SIRI data feed

Solar Technology Designed for the Real World

Design Ethos

Eclipse has been designed to deliver an optimised on-street Real-Time user experience.  Don't accept the misleading and cleaver marketing of inferior products that don't work outside of board room demonstrations.


M2M TECH Ltd has delivered a tough and rugged display and with over 15 years of industry experience, we have made the design easily serviceable to protect your investment going forward. This means that the Eclipse is manufactured and tested to withstand even the worst treatment, however, should the worst happen it can be returned to an “as new” state cheaply and quickly on street. 

Anti Vandal


Run in parallel with M2M TECH using your existing SIRI feed

Among other means of gathering service related data, if you already have an existing Standard Interface for Real-Time Information available for your estate, our M2M SIRI Engine is built to consume all services provided by that feed as per the Transmodel CEN specifications.

Our M2M SIRI Engine has been fully developed to work with Timetable data (Production, Estimated, Stop and Connections), and monitoring data (Stop, Vehicle, Connection and General Messaging). Whether your feed has been fully or only partially implemented, our M2M SIRI Engine can interpret it. SIRI versions 1.0, 1.3 and 1.4a are all fully supported.


Clear View Enhanced Lookahed Technology

Market Research

M2M TECH LTD has conducted significant market research into how bus users actually use real time displays.  During this process we were able to better understand the real limitation of the previous generation of LED  Matrix Displays.  As LED Displays only having the ability to show a maximum of 3 departures at one time means that you often never see less frequent services that might be important  to  local  communities and you are left looking at the timetables for more information. 

Clear View Re-Defining Real-Time Information

"Proven Technology since 2015"

M2M TECH has redesigned the way its products can now be used with the introduction of "Clear View".  This shows you up to the minute “live” predictions for next departure with up to two additional predictions or schedules shown for each service. We are also sorting by “Next Departure” and “Operator Service Code”, effectively decluttering the display output and delivering more information per display in a single glance.

Clear View

Zero Power Drain, On-Demand Smart Technology

Winter Solar Harvest

In a typical British winter, the solar harvest is reduced to approximately 1-watt hour of energy.  This has a fundamental impact on how you can operate a solar product.  We have balanced the solar harvest limitation during this time to offer the only true all-season solar product.

Efficient Design in Technology

Eclipse uses a patented zero power drain start circuit to optimise power demands.  Eclipse operates an efficient on cycle, but when bus services stop running and the buses go to sleep so does Eclipse.  The nature of bus operations combined with Eclipse's intelligent software, makes Eclipse the most efficient Real-Time display available.

Solar Power

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