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UK's Only Freestanding TFT Flag Display

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21" EVO TFT flag display has been designed as a modern direct replacement for the LED  matrix flag display .  With a fine balance of true sunlight readability and design aesthetics this display is not likely to draw a crowd.  However, with its modern TFT capabilities it is going to deliver in a way that no LED matrix display can.


Designed to work with standard wide channel or 76mm posts EVO allows you to install with the least amount of fuss. Everything that is inside of the very successful Strattos shelter display has found its way into EVO, but with this new flag form factor EVO is not only perfect for that narrow Cotswold village it is just as happy in a city centre.


With its unique modular design and fully removable lower case, engineers have complete access to the electronics when they are installing and when they are programming the display on site.  With the case opening from the bottom it allows the complete swap out of the electronics cartridge in a single visit minimising time on site.

With a the vantage point of a modern flag design M2M Tech has developed a Real Time traffic camera system that gives the local authority an up to date view of the network never previously unavailable.

Upgrade you out of date LED matrix display technology today and start to view your transport network in a way that was never previously possible.

EVO Media.png

UK's Only Freestanding TFT Flag Display
Buy with confidence 3 year warranty!
More Than 50% Brighter than Standard TFT Displays

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Sunlight readable 1000nits long life TFT panel

UK Support

Designed and Manufactured in the UK

System Agnostic SIRI

Run in parallel with your existing service provider using standard SIRI data feed

Freestanding TFT Flag Display with Live Traffic Cam

M2M TECH Ltd has continued to innovate it's display line up offering not only the first 1600 nit TFT flag display but also combining it with HD cameras that can be installed either forward facing, rear facing or both.  This technology enables local authorities and bus companies alike to understand for the first time live up to the minute traffic conditions across the network.  The images captured by the display can be used not only to plan network changes but to help enforce traffic violations that can cause significant delays to operating bus services.  With the solution being 4G the displays can be deployed in any location without the need for BT hard lines.

Anti Vandal


Run in parallel with M2M TECH using your existing SIRI feed

Among other means of gathering service related data, if you already have an existing Standard Interface for Real-Time Information available for your estate, our M2M SIRI Engine is built to consume all services provided by that feed as per the Transmodel CEN specifications.

Our M2M SIRI Engine has been fully developed to work with Timetable data (Production, Estimated, Stop and Connections), and monitoring data (Stop, Vehicle, Connection and General Messaging). Whether your feed has been fully or only partially implemented, our M2M SIRI Engine can interpret it. SIRI versions 1.0, 1.3 and 1.4a are all fully supported.


Clear View Enhanced Lookahed Technology

Market Research

M2M TECH LTD has conducted significant market research into how bus users actually use real time displays.  During this process we were able to better understand the real limitation of the previous generation of LED  Matrix Displays.  As LED Displays only having the ability to show a maximum of 3 departures at one time means that you often never see less frequent services that might be important to local communities and you are left looking at the timetables for more information. 

Clear View Re-Defining Real-Time Information

M2M TECH has redesigned the way its products can now be used with the introduction of "Clear View".  This shows you up to the minute “live” predictions for next departure with up to two additional predictions or schedules shown for each service. We are also sorting by “Next Departure” and “Operator Service Code”, effectively decluttering the display output and delivering more information per display in a single glance.

Clear View

Modular Smart Technology

Audio Alert

Audio Alert - plays a high quality audio file to warn people that their image has been captured reducing the risk of unwanted damage to both the display and the shelter while deterring anti-social behaviour.

Audio Sample
Effective Anti-Social Deterants Using CCTV

Smart Cam - uses a CMOS sensor like that found in high end smart phones to capture a high-quality video via our proprietary software.  This video is then compressed on-board the display in real time before being uploaded as a high quality .mp4 video file to an ftp site of your choice.  On board video compression keeps the individual video file size small without loss of quality for the most efficient data usage across large display estates.  When the video upload has completed all local content is automatically deleted from the display for maximum data security.

Solar Power
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